With a vibrant background in performing arts and teaching, Tjoni is well adjusted to life in front of an audience. Always seeking to build bridges and connection with her audience, her public speaking and presenting style is casual, inviting and inclusive.

Podcast Host and Producer

The Covid lockdown closed a number of doors in the world of events, but opened many others! This prompted Tjoni to begin a series of podcasts exploring the current state of global affairs, and how the foundations of our society are controlled, in order to re-imagine a thriving future for all sentience.

While exploring some of the darker elements of our history and present day, she manages to keep it light and inspiring, offering a voice of hope and unity amidst the uncertainty.

in-Spiral Youtube Channel

Public Speaking

Tending to speak freestyle without a script, Tjoni has spoken on topics ranging from Collaborative Project Management and  Creativity in Education, to Costume design and manufacture and Exploring various cultural dance and circus styles.  If you are seeking some uplifting and informative vibes at your event, she will gladly take the mike and enlighten your tribe.


To enquire about any of these services, or other events or projects that might benefit from Tjoni’s magic and mayhem, please fill out the enquiry form here, or email tjonij(@)

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