Spirit of Business


We are stepping quickly into a time where the structures we used to function in as a society are crumbling. This is the ultimate opportunity to tap into your greatest skills, gifts, passions and networks to create an inspiring foundation to share your gifts with those that need them.

  • Do you have an idea for a business or project you would like to bring to fruition, or that needs some extra TLC.?
  • Are you part of an organisation that needs some revitalising, inspiration and re-connection to it’s core values?
  • Are you stuck on the why, the how, the who, or maybe the what?

Imagine if you could tune into the ‘spirit’ or essence of that business or project and co-create WITH it rather than having to figure it all out for yourself.

The ‘Spirit of Business’ is a process of internal exploration and dialogue with the energy template of your project. It can be used as a process on it’s own, and as a tool to invigorate and inform the ‘Holistic Business Planning’ Workbook and Process.

As well as a joyous adventure through creating a business plan, you will utilise various spiritual practices to create a dialogue with your business, so you can be in collaborative partnership with it.

This is ideal as a workshop series totaling about 12 hours over 4 weeks, but the timing is flexible.

One on one Holistic Business Coaching is also available as a valuable aid to the group work.


This will help to identify who you’d like to work with and for, how your business can serve your community and the earth, how you’d like the business to serve you, what kind of lifestyle you’d like to create, what resources you currently have and what resources you need to get going.

Workshops will give you insights and inspiration for various aspects of your business. If you are doing an intensive you will have a complete business and marketing plan by the end of the workshop series.


  • Visioning techniques to create dialogue with the ‘Spirit of Business’.
  • Create a holistic business plan.
  • Create a branding map and marketing plan for your project.
  • Create an elevator pitch for your business or project.
  • Adhering to copyright laws for stock images, video and music.
  • Online resources to help your processes, including stock images and photos, project management, online storage, website hosting, website design, secure email.
  • Generating a mandala representing the core essence of your business
The Business Matrix


Currently available as a workshop series, and 1:1 coaching. Please contact tjonij(@)protonmail.com to arrange a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Workbook will be available soon so you can work at your own pace.

Stay tuned for online workshops and courses! If you would like to host a one off workshop or a full series at your organisation please get in touch.