The Creation Point Is Now

Never allow the witnesses to have their say without first becoming involved, in any project.

Observers have a habit of expressing what they want before they have dropped low enough into their bellies to know what they truly desire. So much of what we say is tied up in yesterday and the days before and it locks us into this grid, this holding pattern that is very difficult to escape.

The only reason the past didn’t work as we thought or hoped it would, is we were not ready to receive what we wanted. That sort of conflict, between simultaneously seeking and repelling, can lead us to disarray and decay.

The true bridge to happiness is to be here. In this place. And bring the sensation of what we want here. Now. Don’t try to project anything into the future, as that is where it will always stay. I know that contradicts the current paradigm of planning and working in a linear way, but as you are becoming aware, time is not linear. Time is now. You are moving deeper into it with every breath. Into the now. So make the now feel like the perceived future you are wishing for, and you will be in tune to move into that frequency or vibration, therefor attracting more that is in line with that joy.

At the same time don’t get too caught up in that as a dogma, this is not a belief system, this is not a philosophy that the world needs to hear, it is a simple law of attraction, it is the law of the universe, we are magnets which attract the manifestation of your thoughts.

You don’t need belief to make that happen consciously, you just need a good imagination and mindfulness over your thoughts and sensations. Someday you will see the futility of trying to work towards something that is not already in your sphere. Perhaps you see that already.

The gods are on your side. Instruct them, wisely. The universe is your servant, as you are a servant to your mumma earth, and she to you. Be in service, always.