The Gateway of Boredom

I’d like to ask Aunty Jude about my own business

‘For sure Bubba but there’s something we need to speak about first’

I want you to remember back to when you were a child
You were about seven
Playing in the park
There was a moment there, when things seemed to change somehow
There was a quality in the air that didn’t seem right
I just want you to focus on the feeling, not on the memory of it
Just the physicality

Aunty Jude leaves me hanging here for quite a few minutes without saying anything. Perhaps she has taken a nap? I wonder what she’s playing at haha.

That’s it. You’re bored.

Yes, I’m bored Nonna.

Bored. What is that boredom?
We didn’t have such things when we were inhabiting earth.
What is this space you want to fill up?
You’re in this wondrous, mysterious plane of existence called life
And you’re so flattened by it
You don’t even notice the magic around you
And you’re constantly waiting to be distracted
By something bigger and stronger and more wondrous
Than this insane miracle you’re playing in
So the space between distractions,
Between stories and dramas
Seems so quiet you think there’s something wrong
It doesn’t feel OK
You feel bored
But boredom is really the speed hump, the road block you hit at
When you are about to push through
The banality of ordinary existence
And enter the gateway
Of the wonder of creation on the other side
But there’s something inherent in this
That is so terrified of an opportunity that only happens in the stillness
In the lack of distraction
That we create this sense of boredom
To pull us away from reality
And demand another piece of entertainment
To keep us away from the truth
So next time you feel bored
Perhaps instead of looking to fill up the time and space
With some other momentary hedonistic treasure
Perhaps you could just breathe a little deeper
And sit a little stiller
And invite your full consciousness into that space
And see what it is trying to tell you

Written by Tjoni Johansen.
Copyright 2024 all rights reserved

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