The Serpent’s Tongue – Have the timelines split for good?

As the global narrative crumbles further into disarray we face growing calamity on every level. The war in Palestine that is sweeping the world with fear and heartache and causing great divide well beyond the country’s borders. Still hot on the heels of the war in Ukraine. The global undoing of the human trafficking trade which is beyond evil. And all the while the constant war on humanity through technology, environment and pharmaceutical invasions in every part of the world.

I wonder why we are still seeing such atrocities even as we as visionaries do our best to generate and infiltrate the collective with energetic infusions of peace and unity.

I ask for some insight from the Dreaming.

A word with dear ancestral friend Aunty Jude about Timelines.

It has been years since I tuned into this dear spirit, and I have since moved across the world to the desert of Egypt. Aunty Jude still sits with me as close as she did on the shores of Byron Bay.

“there’s much to say but not much time to say it…”

You know when you were here and you’d sit here by the water, watching the waves, feeling the air, touching the earth, feel the presence of the elders. You know they were watching you, right? Well they’re still watching you now. You’re no further away now than you were then. In this land of spirit.

Space is eternal. Time is eternal.

All place is everywhere at once.

All time is everywhen at once.

You are not as far away as you think.

The aching in your heart is there because you can feel the damage and the poison in the earth over here. Even though you’re on the other side of the world.

This has been a long time coming. A splitting is happening now. The spirit of the earth cannot sustain this any longer. So it’s splitting in two somehow.

Timelines. Timeline has now become a time of transition. We cannot have free will without the timelines splitting.

We are all cracked open, we are all split. Even the earth herself.

For there are those that wish to perish and those that see our natural progression should end, and those committed to a new way of being. They both have their right to decide, to choose, but they cannot co-exist on the planet anymore. Their extremes have become more extreme than was expected and it was planned that the timelines would eventually merge. But you’re seeing that as these events unfold around the world that they cannot merge without completely annihilating the free will of some.

So for a time you will be able to see both timelines playing out. People have said this before, but the timelines were supposed to come back together, and now they are not. Now they will remain split.

Forked like the tongue of the snake.

Image by Ted Erski from Pixabay

What does this mean for us? For humanity? What does this mean for the ancestors?

It means that for a time we are all diminished somehow. Once settled it means we must tend to our intent. This must be our practice. To tend to our intent. And now life is even more malleable than it was supposed to be. This reality, far more malleable than it was supposed to be. The particles, the potentials, the waves were all supposed to be collapsing into some form of unity by now but they have not.

But the will of man will not be overridden by the hand of evil. The universal law states than man must have free will. That man has become so torn. So torn. The swing of the pendulum has not settled, it has swung wider and wider, so wide it has almost split itself.

And in that splitting we are seeing dearly beloveds choosing the extremities, and in the extremities is where the annihilation lies.

Those of us that can see the common path, the common ground, the common good, those that choose to walk bare foot on the same ground, bruised and battered so we may share our blood, those of us will co-create and renew our earth together.

Those that choose the path of separation and division will get exactly that because that is what they have chosen, and it is going to hurt you to watch them fall. To fall down mentally. To fall down emotionally. To fall down spiritually. To fall down physically.

This is the fallout. The ultimate fallout.

Photo by Zoran Kokanovic on Unsplash

And you MUST. You MUST decide to focus on the outcome that YOU choose of unity, and not be swayed by them. You must remember it is of their choice, and your only job is to stay steadfast. And kind.

Tend to yourself, with roses, with pink and red, the colours of the heart, with the gentle beat of the drum. Return yourself to this space, create your womb, and surround yourself with red, with pink, with lush. Nourish yourself like this.

Nourish yourself like this, and remind yourself that unity is the only path for peace.

So create that within, and so it will be without.

– Aunty Jude

It has been coming through strongly in The Spiral Matrix work that we need to work with our contracts – make contracts with everything in our world, not just clear out the old ones.

What do you wish to clear contracts with? How could you rewrite them for the highest good? Please comment below.

With love, Tjoni