The Temple Matrix

Aloha lovelies,

Although I haven’t felt compelled to spend time in the ancient structures of Egypt, I was called to Karnak the other day.

As usual I felt like I was SUPPOSED to feel something special in that space, but as usual the only area that ever felt special was the seven doors.

As I tuned into the environment on the outskirts of the temple, this information came through.

There is so much about the structure of the world that you know nothing about, yet you think you do

So many layers upon layers

But you’re still using your senses to make sense of it all. And you’re still trying to put the pieces together, using fabrics of physicality.

But they’re not true. Because they’re manufactured from a density that can be manipulated

Sound resonance is true

When you work with the scaffolding of sound it naturally draws matter into alignment

These temples were built to help draw us into alignment. And now they’re being re-created, to try and pull us back OUT of alignment.

The alignment is still here, as you’re on a power spot. But the alignment is not in the structure anymore. Or at least the alignment is here in spite all of them

The temples were here because of the alignment of this space.

They grew out of the earth, out of her energy. Not the other way round.

So don’t try to see the structures, or try to see in them for their medicine. Try to see beyond them. Let them  fall to rubble.

The secrets that they hold are in the ether around you. You don’t need the clues etched in the stones in order to find the truth. That’s all these are, they’re truths. They’re clues to truths, they’re just a front door. Stop trying to unlock doors, stop trying to  open them.

Just remove the doors and the walls, and tap into the essence of being

I found myself nestled in amongst the temple stones for a while, with a headless figure holding an Ankh and a lathe keeping me company. After a while I looked up and saw how precarious the stones above me were!

I was told that the head has been taken from the proverbial beast, and now the fragility and chaos of the supposed order we have been entrapped in are becoming more obvious to the masses.

And very soon the whole fabric of society is going to crumble into a messy pile of rocks. So rather than try to recreate what has been, it is wise to grind up the remnants to dust and re-mould them into something more aligned with the highest vision of our future selves.

And this piece came later from the Sacred pool.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear

Or perhaps for those with eyes to hear and ears to know

This place wasn’t created for people of such density. It was created densely in order to help them house their bodies, so that they could function in physicality. It didn’t really suit them. This is how they would come into the physicality of their bodies in order to do whatever ceremonial work they had to do here on earth. These were the spaces they would go to, to do that.

So they would soak in the sacred water to help bring the waters of the earth into their bodies and create more density. And then they’d go into these big structures, these big temples, that would compact the air around them and give them pressure to solidify their bodies so they could have more of a physical experience.

And without that a lot of them would tend to float away without the extra assistance of the density of this space. It would help them to harness the energy vibrations of the various sound frequencies here and infuse those into their bodies. Help them incarnate and share whatever wisdom bodies were coming through them at the time, and there would be many.

In various consciousnesses and guides and various star planets would anchor themselves into the physicality of their bodies. So being here would help them to tune into and access. They would act like a bridge, a portal. Between these physical avatars and the various intergalactic entities that would come here.

And they would have a host. The host would be like the custodian of the body. A full time inhabitor of it. And they would be FROM here because they could handle the energy. The density.

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  1. Great timing having just visited the Karnak temple 🙂

    1. Hi Marlene, lovely to see you here! How was your experience of Karnak? Big hugs! xx

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