The Spiral Matrix: Energy Technology


Have you ever wondered why we are surrounded by a bounty of energy, yet the technology to harness it and utilise it, and seemingly needed to transport it, haven’t improved in about a century?

And the supposed solutions, such as solar and wind power, are employed by structures that cost more money and resources and create more ecological damage than what they save?

Add to this the negative health efffects of dirty electricity in the home, pollution from fuel for transport, manufacturing and energy production.

Meanwhile various technologies have tried to surface over the years, such as hydrogen powered engines and other highly efficient forms of power creation or storage. These are often quickly bought by those in the upper echelons of power and quickly ‘forgotten’, or the inventors magically disappear shortly after their discoveries are revealed.

So, that is what has been. Those are the fragments that are falling away in the global fracturing of old paradigms of control.

To the future. How COULD energy technology look in a word of service to all? What does it look like to you?

To me, it means clean free energy available in every part of the world. It means the end of pollution so the earth can clean herself anew. It means the end of food shortages and the availability for household energy for people in 3rd world countries. In fact, with power available to the masses, I believe it will mean the end of the 3rd world full stop.

I see new technologies incorporated into traditional tribal ways of living together, so we are no longer bound by huge inhumane cities and can thrive in beautiful smaller local villages. But with the benefits of easeful transport, efficient machinery, lightning fast computers and communications, localised resources and production, and endless technological advancements that will help us learn to utilise and work with the deep technologies inherent in nature.


Aunty Jude sent me some interesting information on Technology that you can read here:


For further discussion you can watch our in-Spiral Outloud podcast on Energy here.


If you are interested in joining our Spiral Matrix series on resetting our energetic patterning with the field of Energy Technology, please read the introduction to Spiral Matrix here.

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Monday to Thursday, 12th to 15th February, and 19th to 22nd February, 8.30am Cairo time. Sessions will be 20 – 30 minutes each.

Monday: will be a recorded 10 minute video, introducing the topic for the week. It will also include a 5 minute ‘Focusing’ session which is a quick visualisation process. It is not strictly necessary to do this, but you may find it interesting.

Tuesday to Thursday: we will be doing up to 9 balances each morning.

After this I recommend you repeat the Focusing session and see what changes may have taken place.


We use Psych-K balances to install the statements, so if you have done Psych-K already you will understand the basic balancing process.

If you employ other tools for installing subconscious programs these will work too, such as Kinesiology, NLP and Theta healing, so you can use your own process for each statement if you wish.

Alternatively you can share these sessions with an energetic or cognitive practitioner you may already work with who can help you. Email me if you would like the recorded sessions.

If you have not done a Psych-K Session and would like to do so, you can find a practitioner in your area:

Or feel free to contact me for a 1:1 session, and you will then know how to use Psych-K balances for The Spiral Matrix work.

If none of the above speaks to you but you are still curious, of course you are welcome to tune into the sessions and use your intuition to guide you.


The Spiral Matrix includes some statements which are quite lengthy. In order to speed up the process there are some statements which I have created ‘shortcuts’ for, so you only need to hear the full statement once, and next time you can use the shortcut instead.

So please watch ‘The Spiral Matrix Shortcuts’ video first. It is only a 10 minute video but will ensure you get the most out of the sessions.

If you would like to join but the time is not suitable, please email at tjonij (@) so I can send you links of the recordings.

Any for any questions please feel free to reach out via email or the contact form.


This is a work in progress! I invite you to give me your feedback on the sessions so I may fine tune the experience for future participants. Survey links will be provided at the end of each week for those who have the time. This is greatly appreciated.


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