With a performing and fine arts background spanning more than 30 years, Eccentrix and in-Spiral founder Tjoni Johansen has had an eclectic journey through creativity, psychology, education, social enterprise and community, and has collected a wealth of experience, talent and inspiration to draw upon.


My venture into the vast world of imagination expressed in words began at a very young age.

Writing stories happened in primary school, with poetry and stories coming out to play as soon as I could write. My first poem called ‘Amooshka Aliooshka‘ set the pace for a playful delight in creating characters and worlds to place them in.

Lyric writing emerged in teenage-hood as did little novels that were really teenage fantasies disguised as art. (We were all supermodels of course, married to famous rock stars – inspired by Hollywood style trashy novels by Jackie Collins and Sydney Sheldon. It was wonderfully self indulgent…) 

Songs have continued to come through over the years, and I have to say I am enjoying the development and evolution of words and themes as my life experience becomes richer.

The current process of writing Short Stories emerged about 5 years ago at Lakes Entrance. I was inspired to create images and mini animations with debris washed up on the ocean beach. One day armed with a camera and tripod I set to work with sand, sticks and shells, moulding, sculpting, adding, decorating… and oddly crying. It was an unexpected cathartic experience that left me with the emotional sense of an epic journey without the conscious knowledge or memory of a story. Intrigued, I returned to the ocean the next day and listened to a story unfold from the sand, which I transcribed into my phone. That story became The Turtle and the Dragon.

This began a regular practise of listening – to a place, a situation, an unwellness, a person, a tree; anything that might have a story to share. All of the Short Stories on this site have come through this way, aside from one.

Mirror Mirror was born out of the Ritual module during a Transpersonal Counselling course. We were instructed to write our own ‘heroes’ journey’ about a challenge we had overcome but not yet fully recovered from, and then to create a mythological story out of it which would be played out physically in a sacred circle. The process was incredible, and created a visceral shift in the process. I ended up doing this process for another person’s business entitled ‘Blue Lotus Dreaming.’

Currently I am expanding my repertoire of writing styles, including writing Articles that I have enjoyed in the past and am ready to explore again. My interest in wellness, creativity and sustainability are constantly intertwining so my focus will remain in that realm as I research and explore these possibilities for content creation. 



As a performer I came to the forefront of my field in the past 10 years, focusing on Fire performance, African dance, Tribal bellydance and Physical Theatre. I worked as a performer and collaborator with a number of companies including Cirque Mystique, FEET theatre, The Magic Theatre and Fireworks Dance Co. I have also produced many 1-5 person acts for corporate functions, community festivals and other theatrical events around Australia, as well as producing the sell out event ‘Can Can Cabaret’ in 2009, to showcase local performing and fine arts talent..


My work as a teacher began as soon as I mastered the art of fire, and I have been teaching and developing workshops for school students, festivals, and the general public, for over ten years. Born out of a genuine desire to share my passion and skill with others, and help students access their own inner teacher and creativity, these workshops are created on a foundation of respect, inclusivity, encouragement and ultimately, joy. The recent development of Creative Bootcamp projects has seen me directing and producing collaborative circus shows of 15-25 student performances in schools, resulting in ecstatic audiences and performers alike.


Before moving into performing and teaching I spent 10 years running a costume design business with clients including Dion and Randall Productions, Silvers’ Circus, Fireworks Dance Co. and Cirque Mystique. Behind the scenes I am also at home with over 20 years under my belt of stage management, lighting and sound operation, makeup, production, directing, marketing and management.

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